Música Compuesta por Masones

Bro. Louis Armstrong

This Article A Kiss to Build a Dream On Sequenced by Gerald Ross

Bro. Irving Berlin

This Article An Irving Berlin Medley

This Article Alexander's Rag Time Band

This Article Always Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi/Redsal

This Article Anything you can do, I can do Better from Annie Get Your Gun

This Article Blue Skys Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi/Redsal

This Article There's No Business Like Showbusiness from Annie Get Your Gun

This Article Puttin On the Ritz

Bro. George M. Cohan

This Article Mary's A Grand Old Name Sequenced by Bill Bashman

This Article Over There Sequenced by Margi Harrell

Bro. Nat King Cole

This Article Mona Lisa Sequenced by Thomas Thurston

This Article Stardust Sequenced by Mel Webb

This Article Unforgettable Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi/Redsal

Bro. Duke Ellington

This Article Dont Mean a Thing

This Article Sophisticated Lady

This Article Such Sweet Thunder

Bro. Al Jolson

This Article I'm Always Chasin' Rainbows

Bro. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hilversum, Netherlands - Loge Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Bro. Mozart's home Lodge.

This Article C Major, First Movement

This Article Concerto for Clarinet

This Article- The Magic Flute - Every Mason, even those that think "Mason Music is probably played by a rock band" is aware of this classical piece.

This Article- Gesellenreise - in loose translation, "The Fellowcraft's Journey."

This Article- String Quartet

This Article- Symphony No. 25

Bro. John Phillip Sousa

Raised in Hiram Lodge #10, Washington DC in 1881. Information providedby Bro. Major Byron Gardner, Glenlyon Lodge #346, S.C., Jamaica, W. I.

This Article- Belle of Chicago

This Article- Daughters of Texas

This Article- El Capitan

This Article- Hands Across the Sea

This Article- Jack Tar

This Article- Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

This Article- Stars and Stripes Forever

This Article- Washington Post March